Bosworth & Son Store was originally built in 1902 as a buggy shop (the paint stains are still on the floor) and a mortuary.  In 1911, George Bosworth and his son Obed opened Bosworth & Son Store.  The store has provided many different services to the town of Geyserville throughout the past 100 years.  In the first years the town post office was located at this site along with candies and groceries.

Later Obed would add feed and clothing to the store’s inventory.  In the 1980’s, after Obed’s passing, his son Harry took over the family store and merged it with his own hardware store.  As times keep changing, so does Bosworth & Son Store.  In 2018 the store was streamlined to better fit todays Geyserville, and currently offers hats, apparel, and gifts.  Hat cleaning and crushing services are also available.  The Geyserville Historical Societies Museum is also housed in Bosworth & Son Store.